Dasha Fayvinova
September 03, 2016 12:27 pm
Summit Entertainment

If you’ve been feeling a little burned out by all of the summer blockbusters trying to get your attention with explosions and fart jokes — get ready for an artistic break.

We are finally entering the prestigious months leading up to Oscar nominations. That means high caliber acting, rich story telling and stunning visuals are almost here. Almost.

Fox / giphy.com

The next few months are going to give us some pretty fascinating movie-going experiences. If you need help picking out some standout hits, there are a few movies that have gotten the attention of the media. So get those Fandango tickets figured out, because we are in for a ride this fall.

The Light Between Oceans

Release Date: September 2

With two of the top actors currently working in Hollywood cast as the main characters in this film, The Light Between Oceans is sure to be a fan favorite and a serious heartbreaker about two parents who raise an orphaned child before discovering their baby’s mother is still alive.


Release Date: September 16

This biopic is going to give us a spectacular performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well as a new take on a man who is a living legend and a living controversy.

The Girl on the Train

Release Date: October 7

Emily Blunt acting. That’s all you really need to excite you.


Release Date: October 19

FINALLY! Entertainment that tackles the amazing world of mascots! We’ve been waiting for someone to talk about this topic for years. Thankfully it will be a Netflix project — meaning you won’t even have to leave your bed to experience it.


Release Date: November 11

Amy Adams is a spectacular actress and seeing her in a starring role of a blockbuster is always welcomed. This movie looks to be a welcome viewing for Contact fans! We cannot wait for it’s arrival (see what we did there?)

Manchester by the Sea

Release Date: November 18

This looks to be THE movie that will finally launch Casey Affleck into the huge stardom he deserves. Playing an uncle who must unexpectedly raise his nephew, we can’t wait to see this powerful tearjerker.


Release Date: November 23

Finally! A Disney movie made it onto the list. With the lead-up of very feminist themed movies, this looks to be following in the same steps.

La La Land

Release Date: December 2

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are teaming up AGAIN and we cannot be more excited for this gorgeous musical about trying to find love and success under the Hollywood lights.


Release Date: December 21

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

This is the one. This is THE ONE. This movie has been buzzed about for literally YEARS before finding the right cast, and Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as lovers in a sci-fi epic has us dying for December to get here right away!

What fall movies are you guys dying to see??