Brittany Malooly
January 31, 2017 1:04 pm

Unless you live under some sort of large rock without internet access, you have probably heard that everyone is LOVING the new romantic musical La La Land. The film, which stars one of our favorite duos, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, was actually supposed to feature Miles Teller and Emma Watson in the leading roles, but were reportedly dropped for being “too demanding.” But, Teller begs to differ. Here’s what Miles Teller really thinks about La La Land and those rumors.

Well, first, here’s what Page Six heard from a “Hollywood insider” about Miles Teller and Emma Watson’s roles in the project:

“Miles was offered $4 million to star in La La Land, but he said he wanted $6 million.”


To top it all off, Miles might have felt personally betrayed by the director, because they had worked so closely together on Whiplash. Miles said during an interview with Esquire that Chazelle dropped him from the project for creative differences and later texted Chazelle, “What the f*ck, bro?”

So, what was Miles’s response to the reports his rate was too high for La La Land and he had to drop out? It’s simple and topical. On Twitter, Teller said:

“.@PageSix @nypost “reporting” alternative facts.”


We assume we’ll never know the full story about what happened here. Sigh. We adore La La Land AND Miles and Emma. Can’t we all just get along?