Credit: Fox

How many X-Men TV shows can our schedule handle? We’re about to find out. In the coming weeks, FX is going to drop into the universe with Legion (starring Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens and perfect human Aubrey Plaza). After that, there’s still more: Fox is now moving forward with another X-Men TV show, because the more mutants the merrier.

Just like how Disney/ABC have their Marvel Cinematic Universe in film (The Avengers) and on TV (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Fox is looking to do just the same. They’ve gone ahead and ordered a pilot for a TV-based X-Men spinoff, that will be helmed by some of the OG X-Men creators, like OG movie director Bryan Singer and OG movie screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who are slated to do first episode of the series. While not much is still known about the show, we’ve got a lil’ description:

This series will also be set in the midst of the already-in-progress X-Men movies (just like S.H.I.E.L.D.!) — but don’t hold your breath for Mystique to pop up. According to creator Matt Nix,

So, it is set in the X-Men universe, but still not totally in the X-Men universe. Make sense? Great. There’s unfortunately no timeline for this new series, other than the fact that it’s now ~in the works~. In the meantime, go ahead and start brushing up on your telekinesis.