Rachel Paige
April 18, 2015 10:14 am

Here at HelloGiggles, we love Disney mashups so much, we created a very special column for them. So far, we’ve tackled what Disney princesses would look like walking the red carpet (and they look fabulous, TBH) along with what would happen if they were inserted into one of our favorite movies, Mean Girls. We’re not the only ones who love these mashups, and our friends over at BuzzFeed have now imagined some real-life princess makeup situations. Buzzfeed staffer Loryn Brantz had the brilliant idea to take images of Disney Princesses looking flawlessly made up and digitally alter their faces to reflect what we all know to be true about the wear and tear of beauty after a long day of princessing.

Take, for example, Aurora! She’s been asleep this whole time, and then she wakes up looking like this:

Now imagine what she might look falling asleep with makeup on IRL. There’s no way her mascara wouldn’t smudge after such a deep slumber.

Brantz’ make-unders don’t stop there. Has it ever bugged you that Mulan is able to wipe off her makeup off in one quick swoop — no scrubbling, no rinsing, nothing? In real life it wouldn’t be as easy for Mulan to get a clean and clear face so quickly.

Then we’ve got Princess Jasmine, who’s got to be a little windswept after that magic carpet ride, right? She’s got to feel like we do getting off a roller coaster — frizzy hair and smudged eyes.

Though we might not be princesses ourselves, at least we all have one thing in common: no one can escape runny mascara.

For more realistic Disney Princess beauty, head on over to Buzzfeed!

(All images via BuzzFeed)