Brittany Malooly
March 23, 2017 4:03 pm

We can not get ENOUGH of Brie Larson! RoomShort Term 12, and Trainwreck are some of our favorites. Because of this, we are so excited to hear that the Oscar-winner has an exciting new project coming up. Larson will play first female presidential candidate Victoria Woodhull! Go Brie! Go Victoria! Go girl power!

We’ll admit that we’re excited for this film for another reason other than our love, Brie: we don’t know as much as we should about Victoria Woodhull.

The film will center on Woodhull’s incredibly interesting life. Just this summary from Deadline gave us chills for a sec:

“Woodhull was a suffragist who became the first woman to run and be nominated for President of the United States in 1872, more than 40 years before women had the right to vote. She was a women’s liberator, non-conformist, conniver, narcissist, politician, and rebel. Her con-artist father taught her and her sisters to channel spirits in front of crowds to bilk the superstitious. These skills formed the start for an ambitious climb that would bring Woodhull from rags to riches and back again.”

Wow. Crazy.

According to the Guardian, Woodhull was called “Mrs. Satan” by a popular newspaper for running. Ugh. Sigh. She faced fierce cultural opposition and was even jailed three days before election day for sending “indecent and obscene publications” (AKA the feminist and generally far-left newspaper she published along with her sister) through the mail. She was released a month later and exonerated from all charges.

From jail, she said in a letter to the New York Herald on election day (again from the Guardian):

“To the public I would say in conclusion they may succeed in crushing me out, even to the loss of my life: but let me warn them and you that from the ashes of my body a thousand Victorias will spring to avenge my death by seizing the work laid down by me and carrying it forward to victory.”

Okay, now we really have chills.

Brie herself has opened up lately about wanting to use her celebrity status to advance the goals of feminism. She said while interviewing Jane Fonda about feminism for Net-a-Porter, “I’d put it all on the line and be an activist for the rest of my life because it doesn’t feel right to me to be quiet.”

Brie is also producing the film, so we assume it’s a passion project for her. Dope. Even better? You’ll be able to check out the flick without leaving home. It’ll be on Amazon! We can’t wait!