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As though we didn’t already get super amped for any movie Christopher Nolan wants to throw our way, his next film, Dunkirk, will feature Harry Styles’ acting debut so, like…sign us up? No, really, SIGN US UP. The film is based on the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation, during which more than 300,00 were saved from a Nazi offensive in about a week. In addition to a glimpse of Harry’s acting chops, the film also stars Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders fans ought to be THRILLED — and if you’re not a fan of Peaky Blinders you should fix that ASAP) in addition to Kenneth Branagh. And if Kenneth Branagh is involved, you know you can expect somethin’ good.

The trailer is visually stunning and — bonus — gives us a quick peak at Harry Styles ~acting~ which is both weird and very, very exciting.

In case you didn’t catch it in the video, here’s a cap of our boy in his big screen debut. WE’RE SO PROUD.

Credit: Warner Bros/ Youtube

Look at him, lookin’ all short-haired and soldier-y and serious. Plus, he’s the (barely visible) guy floundering in the water and EXTRA bonus, here he is all sweaty and shiny and good-looking.

Credit: Youtube/ Warner Bros

We’re pretty excited to see Dunkirk in general, because the cast and crew is super on point, so getting to see Harry Styles’ first foray into acting is just the cherry on top.

Unfortunately, we have a while to wait — Dunkirk comes out July 21st.

Mark it on your calendars, people.