C. Molly Smith
Updated July 22, 2017
Paramount, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros.

Harrison Ford has been making a habit of bringing back some of his iconic characters. He reprised his role as Indiana Jones in 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Han Solo in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and he’ll once again appear as Rick Deckard in this fall’s Blade Runner 2049 (in theaters October 6th).

Paramount, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros.

But, Ford isn’t stopping there.

While speaking at the Warner Bros. presentation at Comic-Con, a fan asked Ford if it’s his life goal to bring back every major franchise he’s been apart of, and his delightful answer?

Hey, you heard the man! (The man who may or may not be kidding, but we’ll choose to believe this is real because that’s way more fun.)

Ford also addressed why he wanted to be involved in the Blade Runner sequel in particular. “We had a really good script based on a really good idea, and it deepened the understanding of my character,” he told Hall H. “My character had very strong emotional relationships to other characters in the film and I felt, when I read the script, that it had great depth. It was a fantastic opportunity.”

As for whether this film answers questions from the original movie, Ford was pretty cryptic. “It doesn’t matter what I think.” But, he did say that the film will continue to explore questions that came about in that first film. Like, is the creation of Replicants ethical?

Also of note, Ford’s co-star — RYAN GOSLING — spoke about the influence that Blade Runner had on him growing up.

“There’s so much that makes the film special,” Gosling said. “I remember when I saw it when I was a kid, it was one of the first films I’d seen where it wasn’t clear how I was supposed to feel when it was over. It was very hard to distinguish the hero from the villain. There’s a moral ambiguity to it.” He added that between the visuals, themes, and performances, there’s something “really magical” about the original.

Turning to the sequel, Gosling appeared to be over the moon about being involved. “As a fan, I was just excited to hear that they were going to continue the story. To be a part of it is an incredible opportunity. To get to work with any of these people, you hope to have that in your career. To get to work with all of them at the same time, it’s like being on a football team with the Avengers or something.”

Moderator Chris Hardwick jumped in with the suggestion that maybe working on Blade Runner 2049 was instead like being on a football team with the Justice League? You know, this being the *Warner Bros.* panel.