C. Molly Smith
October 16, 2017 11:41 am

In horror film Happy Death Day, Tree (Jessica Rothe) lives the same day over and over again, and each time she meets a gruesome death via a masked killer. Eventually, she starts to have a little fun with the whole repeating the same day thing, and on one such day — this isn’t a spoiler because you see it in the Happy Death Day trailer — she takes to her college campus stark naked.

Rothe found the experience of filming that nude scene very empowering, especially because of the support system of women on set.

How so? “The set [was cleared] of anyone who didn’t need to be there, but every single crew member who was a woman, before we would start rolling, would stand around me with their jackets raised in the air, chanting my name, and I would be like a naked booty dancer in the middle of the circle. Then the moment they yelled ‘action,’ the women would disperse and I’d do my little paltry walk.”

The women continued to do just that in between takes, making sure any “Lookie Lous” didn’t get in the way of filming. And in the end, Rothe explained, she wasn’t the only one who felt empowered.

Rather, filming that scene was an amazing experience for the group as a whole.

We’re so happy that Rothe and her female colleagues had that experience. If you haven’t seen Happy Death Day yet, check it out. It’s in theaters now.