Thea Glassman
August 16, 2017 5:59 pm

Hold onto your lightsaber, Jedis. Ron Howard, who is directing the upcoming, yet-to-be-titled Young Han Solo movie, just tweeted out a VERY telling picture from set.

“The Empire Looms Large,” Howard wrote alongside an object that looks suspiciously like a Death Star trooper’s helmet.

Ummmmm…does that mean what we THINK it means?? From what we know about the film, it’s set to take place years before the Death Star — YES, THE DEATH STAR — was even completed, so that makes things all the more confusing and intriguing.

Could there be…a flash-forward?! We need Han Solo answers, and we need them now.

Of course that’s par for the course for Howard, who has been posting pictures that maddeningly drop teensy, tiny clues from the production — and some that are just straight up trolling us all.

Like this picture of water bottles (thanks, Ron):

Or this behind-the-scenes peek at Lando:

Giving tiny clues aside, it’s clear that Howard is incredibly excited to be a part of the franchise — especially given the fact that he’s kinda been there since the start of it all.

Woah, how cool is that??

Now we just have to wait for more clues! We’ll happily take another shot of Lando too. Thanks in advance, Ron!!