Take a deep breath, because it’s official: Ron Howard is joining the Star Wars universe. The director is taking over the still-untitled Han Solo film.

The reveal comes just days after Lucasfilm released a statement confirming the departure of the previous directors, The Lego Movie’s Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and the directors both released statements, each citing things along the lines of “creative differences.”

Kennedy has now released a second statement, announcing Howard’s hiring:

Lord and Miller had reportedly clashed with Kennedy over the comedic nature of the film, and supposedly filming on the project only has three weeks left. The production had even been halted while the directors and Kennedy worked to find a consensus on the project. Filming will resume next month.

After the news of Lord and Miller’s departure broke, the Star Wars fan universe quickly descended into chaos and memes, with many wondering how the firing would impact the production schedule.

Despite the production drama, Lucasfilm insists that the film will keep its May 2018 release date. Tell your friends.