Just when everything looks dark and bleak in the world, in swoops a cocky space pilot to save the day and help blow up the Death Star! If you want to translate that scenario to our world, here goes: The first official picture from the Young Han Solo movie is here, and it just solved every problem on Earth.

Okay, mostly all problems on earth. Like, 12 parsecs of them.

Principal photograph has just started on the still-untitled Star Wars spinoff-prequel about everyone’s favorite scruffy looking nerf herder. However, Alden Ehrenreich doesn’t look too scruffy right now, so better get working on that.

This first picture shows Alden flanked by the rest of the crew, including the two best friends anyone could have, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian played by Joonas Suotamo (who took over the role from Peter Mayhew for Force Awakens and continues here) and Donald Glover (so hot right now).

There are some other familiar faces hanging out with this crew too, like Woody Harrelson, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emilia Clarke, and directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord. The press release names one more person who isn’t in this picture: Thandie Newton.

It’s not a stretch to say this is one of the best casts assembled for any movie ever made. It’s even better that this cast is coming together for HAN SOLO.

Well, hopefully these directors find a few funny things to say over the coming months, and find a few funny situations to put Han Solo in, too. You know how good he is under pressure.

Punch this into your calendars right now: The Young Han Solo movie ovens on May 25th, 2018.