Credit: Marvel

It can be hard to find that special someone, especially if you’re trying to find that special someone in space. No one is immune to problems of the heart, nor even Star Lord. You’d think space scoundrels would be able to find love out there in the galaxy, huh?

The first (and since it’s the first, it’s also the best) teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is here, and while it doesn’t set up much of the plot, it does establish that Peter Quill is a dancer, and Gamora is not. Clearly, these two can never be together. And in the words of Dax the Destroyer, Chris Pratt’s alter ego just has to find someone as pathetic as him to luuuv. Comforting, right? Sigh, if only love were as easy as just finding the *right* pathetic person.

The trailer also re-introduces the best character in the entire Guardian franchise: Baby Groot. Sorry all other Guardians characters, but come on, Groot is the best.

Credit: Marvel

He’s also not so little anymore, and he’s not confined to a planter, so let’s go ahead and nickname him Tween Groot. Hopefully he doesn’t go through any sort of moody tween phase.

But actually, a moody Tween Groot phase would be great, so bring it on. LOOK AT HIM. HE’S SO CUTE.

Credit: Marvel

Also bring on another Guardians trailer, and soon.