Rachel Paige
Updated August 15, 2016

On a scale of one to 10, how much do you want to see Star Lord rub elbows with Iron Man? Like, a 15, right?

With the sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe so perfectly connected all together, there’s a chance that sometime in the future, Star Lord could drop into Star Tower, or Iron Man could catch a ride on the Milano. It’s something that could happen, and it’s something that we want to happen — because who wouldn’t want to watch Chris Pratt and Robert Downey Jr. together on the big screen? — but sadly, it’s something we probably won’t see anytime soon. Right now, there’s not going to be any sort of Guardians/Avengers crossover — or at least, it sounds like one isn’t in the works for any of the upcoming movies.

During a lengthy Facebook Q&A session, Guardian’s director, James Gunn, fielded all sorts of questions about his movie and the MCU. When asked about how much collaboration goes into making a Marvel movie, Gunn responded, “there isn’t a lot of collaboration at the story-building end.”

James Gunn/Facebook

Obviously, this means that Gunn works on his story, and his story alone — which is normal for basically all directors out there. Gunn crafts the (perfect) story for Guardians…

Buuuuuuuut, it’s the fact that Gunn was asked about the collaboration between himself and ALL the other Marvel directors, and his response is that he wrote his own story, and only once that was finished, shared with with the Russo Brothers (who have directed the last two Captain American movies, and literally just started pre-production in Avengers: Infinity War). If a crossover between the two Marvel movie worlds were in the works, there’d be a lot more input from both sides as to what happens. But Gunn makes it clear that the Russo, along with Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeeley (who are also working on the next Avengers) are not part of his story process.

If there were some epic Guardians/Avengers crossover in the works, Gunn might have explained things differently, citing how they all write their own story, and then come together to toss more ideas around, pitch new things, and figure out how to bring these two worlds together. It sounds like the Guardians movies and the Avengers are two completely separate things. And they’re going to stay that way for right now.

Never give up hope that there’s a chance these two worlds will collide, and our world will be a beautiful place. But as for the next Guardians and the next Avengers, the’ll be no Peter-Tony bromance.