Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn posted a Facebook message on Saturday that touches on some of deepest truths of the human experience. Art is magical. The ages-old practice of storytelling brings people together in a way that creates entirely new paradigms. Even mega blockbusters have the power to change lives and heal hearts.

The director revealed that he had trouble connecting with other people in his childhood.

At one point, he even thought about taking his own life. But an attachment to music, books, and film helped him find the beauty and promise in the world.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Like so many of us, he found his purpose in art.

Through these artists, he began to realize that he was not alone.

Though Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 is blowing up at the box office, Gunn reveals that the film carries much more significance for him than career or financial success.

Of the characters, Star Lord, Groot, Drax, Gamora, and Rocket, he wrote,

There we go, crying again.

But don’t mistake: these are tears of joy and gratitude. For us. For you. And for Groot.