Alyssa Morin
Updated September 10, 2016 7:57 am
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We’ve got chills and they’re multiplying! Earlier this week, Grease was the latest film to be the target of a mind blowing fan theory. This fan theory recently resurrected from a deep Internet hole and it completely screwed up our thoughts on Sandy. However, Grease creator Jim Jacobs is squashing one Reddit user’s theory, which was written three years ago.

The theory basically explains that Sandy (Olivia Newton John) is drowning – remember that opening scene of her and Danny (John Travolta) at the beach? – and she goes into a coma. During her coma, we’re seeing her live out her fantasy.

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Crazy, right? Well, there’s another bizarre theory.

According to Good Housekeeping, we’re actually seeing Danny’s dream as he’s dying while trying to save Sandy in the ocean. Both of them die and before he takes his last breath, he lives out his fantasy.

When the car flies in the final scene, we’re supposed to believe that Danny wasn’t able to save her OR that they both didn’t make it. Scary!

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Grease fans can finally put their mind at ease because Jacobs is debunking the Sandy–died–in–the–ocean theory. Thank God because we would’ve been hopelessly devoted to finding out the truth.

Jacobs, who wrote the original Grease book and musical with Warren Casey, told TMZ that whomever came up with the bizarre rumor “must have been on acid.”

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The creator admits that there are differences from the book and movie, but one thing remains true: “Sandy was very much alive” in both adaptations. He explains the “crazy” thing about Grease is that it’s still a fan favorite 40 years later.

Tell us about it, stud!