Credit: Paramount Pictures

We didn’t actually see Glenn Coco’s face when he made his infamous appearance in Mean Girls, but if we had, we’re pretty sure we would have had an insane crush on him. Because we totally do now.

THIS is what Glenn Coco looks like now, and excuse us while we fan ourselves.

Glenn Coco is really David Reale IRL, and he might just be the most famous character to never say a word or show his face on camera. “You go, Glenn Coco,” has pretty much become standard in our vocab these days, and just the back of his head has spawned more memes and viral videos than we could count.

Credit: Giphy via whatgiftoday.tumblr

But just because the back of Glenn Coco David Reale’s head got famous in Mean Girls, doesn’t mean he’s not killing it today. He’s a regular on the USA show Suits, and trust us, the front of his head is looking pretty darn good.

Isn’t it amazing how stars can end up looking so different than what we thought? How did you picture his face? Are you now going to start watching Suits just to shout “You go, Glenn Coco!!” At the screen? We might do that.