Dasha Fayvinova
March 12, 2017 9:31 am
DreamWorks Pictures

As long as there is a place called Hollywood, there will always be reboots and sequels to popular films. Including to those that have pretty definitive endings. So, a thumbs-up for Gladiator 2 could actually happen after all! And it looks like Ridley Scott is in talks about bringing back his seminal film.

While Gladiator ended with the title character dead, Ridley Scott is saying that he knows a way to bring him back. Provided that the studio agrees with Scott’s vision, we might be in for a sequel to Oscar-winning flick. And does this mean we’ll get to see Joaquin Phoenix come back as well?

Ridley Scott has the whole thing figured out…

Indeed, Russell Crowe has been pretty busy lately. But getting him back in that gladiator uniform is something a lot of fans would love to see again. We can only guess how the director plans to bring him back to life for the sequel.

Maybe it will be Maximus’s twin brother?

Entertainment Weekly points out that in 2009, Nick Cave was commissioned to write a Gladiator sequel about Maximus’s journey through the afterlife. But it’s unclear if the script went anywhere, or if it was even completed.

Whatever the reason, the film will heavily depend on Russell Crowe being on board with Gladiator 2.

The rest is pretty much set. Ridley Scott has a history of revisiting his best material, as evidence by him returning to the Alien franchise. Because he is such a visionary, the Gladiator franchise must be in good hands as well.

Until we get a definitive answer from the studios, we have Blade Runner 2049 to look forward to!