On Monday, the 2018 Golden Globe nominations were announced, and there were small surprises, big snubs, and some total shocks. In the “total shock” category, Girls Trip, didn’t receive a single nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press. Considering that Girls Trip was one of the biggest movies of the summer — if not the year — you’d think the film would be up for Best Musical of Comedy. But, no.

Now on top of that, the breakout star of Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish — who has been everywhere, doing everything, and even hosted SNL a few weeks ago — seemed like a shoo-in for a Best Supporting Actress nom, if not Leading Actress. However, just like Girls Trip, she wasn’t nominated for her work in what is maybe one of the funniest roles of the year.

Now, Haddish’s co-star, Jada Pinkett Smith, has something to say about this omission. On Tuesday, she Tweeted that she wanted to say something about the snub, but wasn’t going to.

A day later, she changed her mind. She does have a few things to say about Haddish’s snub for what should have been a guaranteed nomination. In a series of Tweets, she explained why she was upset about this — but also explains that she’s not upset about Haddish and Girls Trip not receiving any recognition. Rather, she’s calling out the Hollywood Foreign Press for not even giving the movie the fair chance it deserves:

Smith also notes that two other huge movies involving people of color, The Big Sick and Get Out, didn’t receive the recognition they very much warrant. Both movies are great, and completely broke from our typical movie norms and storytelling.

Her tweets end with a message of love, and urges Hollywood to “discuss, recreate and regenerate old paradigms.”

You can read her whole thread here, and you should.