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After reading “Girl on the Train” and then seeing the equally as incredible film, we are officially obsessed with British novelist Paula Hawkins. Which is why we are so excited that she has already begun casting her next thriller.

Based on the actors cast in Girl on the Train, we can only imagine the badassery that will happen on her next film.

But if we know Hawkins (which we obvs do), there’s gotta be a twist and some death in there somewhere.

We have no doubt that the casting will be just as perfect on the new thriller as it was on the last.

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Emily Blunt stars in Girl on the Train as an alcoholic divorcée, and as always, she’s fantastic.

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Justin Theroux plays opposite Blunt as her ex-husband and Haley Bennett plays the missing woman — a role Hawkins said she “did a really great job with.”

We couldn’t agree more. And now we can’t wait to see who is cast in the next thriller!