George Lucas is building a GIANT museum in Los Angeles, and it looks absolutely fantastic

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Here’s some great news for those really into all kinds of art, movie magic, and Star Wars: George Lucas has just named Los Angeles the future home of his epic, sprawling museum, and we seriously cannot wait to check it out.

Lucas, who is best known for creating this lil’ movie called Star Wars — maybe you’ve heard of it? — is a huge supporter, and collector, of the arts. For a long time he’s been trying to build a museum to house all the pieces he’s collected over the years (and some Star Wars artifacts, too). Originally, the project was supposed to land in San Francisco (where Star Wars headquarters, Lucasfilm, is actually located), but that didn’t work out. Then he tried to take his project to Chicago (where his wife, Mellody Hobson, is from). That didn’t work out, either.

So, how about Los Angeles, the OG home of Hollywood?

This museum, The Museum of Narrative Art, will be nestled right inside Exposition Park, which is nearby to the University of Southern California (where Lucas actually graduated). If you think you’re excited about this, just think of Los Angeles. According to the initial reports, and scope, of the project it will create thousands of jobs for the LA area, and that is ah-mazing.

Lucas Museum/Lucasfilm
Lucas Museum/Lucasfilm
“I believed in the vision for the Lucas Museum, and we went after it with everything we have — because I know that L.A. is the ideal place for making sure that it touches the widest possible audience,” Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti explained in a statement. “I am deeply grateful to Mellody and George, and to our educational, governmental, and cultural leaders for their extraordinary support in helping us bring the museum home. Now it’s time to build the vision.”

And what will you find inside? Lots of narrative art, duh. But also things like Norman Rockwell paintings and the OG Darth Vader mask. Be prepared for this to become your new favorite go-to museum.

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