Picture of Gal Gadot MTV VMAs
Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

If you can’t get enough of Wonder Woman, we have a video you have to see. Gal Gadot just shared some bloopers from the film, and they are super cute! Whether it’s silly actor goofs or some extended Wonder Woman scenes, we’ll take any extras we can get. Oh, and can we have the new Justice League movie now, please?

On Saturday, Gadot posted a short clip of her laughing throughout takes on Instagram.

It’s clear to see that everyone on set had a lot of fun filming the movie. Which shows up on screen time and time again.

See for yourself — Gal Gadot cannot contain her giggles!

This isn’t the first time Gadot shared some Wonder Woman outtakes. She also posted this funny video earlier this month.

Having Gadot add that laughter, wonder, and whimsy to the film made Wonder Woman an even better character. Of course she would laugh when she saw a baby or tried ice cream for the first time! Comic book characters are more relatable and enjoyable when they aren’t dark and brooding all of the time. We’re glad that Chris and Gal were able to bring that out in Diana Prince and Steve Trevor.

That pretty much sums it up perfectly. Their chemistry and fun jumped off the screen, and we’re glad everyone had such a great time filming it. The sequel can’t come out soon enough!

Oh, and “Giggle Gadot” is a pretty cute nickname.

Wonder Woman comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on the 19th, and promises to have even more extras and bloopers.