Coming soon to the friendly skies near you: Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. If you think Frozen has already conquered everything else on the planet, you’d be correct. So, its next stop is the atmosphere.

West Jet, a Canadian airline, has just unveiled the newest addition to their fleet of aircrafts. Instead of decorating the plane in their typical blue and green colors, the Boeing 737 got a Frozen makeover. In a beautiful partnership with Disney, the outside of the plane was painted with our favorite characters (sorry, Kristoff, you didn’t make the cut) and it’s sure to draw lots of attention next time it lands at the terminal. But the West Jet team just couldn’t let it go with only the outside decorated. Inside, it’s a Frozen wonderland, too.

The tail end of the plane features Anna, Elsa, and snow. Inside the plane, you’ll find the same thing since it’s completely themed around Elsa’s icy powers. As you move up towards the front of the plane — both on the inside and out — slowly that snow begins to melt, and soon it’s SUMMER. That’s where Olaf comes in, nice and cozy underneath his umbrella. Inside the cabin, everything changes from blues and whites to yellows and greens. The seats even change, too, switching from ice crystals to flowers. And the overhead compartments are painted, too!

As West Jet writes on their blog, the entire redesign took 21 days of working around the clock down in Fort Worth, Texas. The plane actually flew from Texas to Toronto yesterday where it had its grand unveiling this morning. And it’s first official destination as a Frozen plane? Orlando, Florida, of course, to take everyone to Disney World (and while everyone on the plane probably won’t be traveling to Disney World, a good 80% of them probably will be).

Also the plane sparkles, because sparkles were added to the paint to make it shimmer as it flies through the air. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can check out a time lapse video of the paint project here, and now it’s time to start thinking about your next vacation.

(Image via Twitter.)