Alyssa Thorne
Updated Mar 21, 2017 @ 4:01 pm

One of the best things about big franchises is the EASTER EGGS. And apparently there was a secret Beauty and the Beast easter egg for Frozen that was left on the cutting room floor, and we’re honestly a little heartbroken about it.

There are all kinds of internet theories floating around that explain how various Disney Princess stories are intertwined (like Tangled and Frozen) and we’re mostly here for all that theorizing, but we’re just as delighted by simple callbacks in movies we love to other movies we loved.

Apparently, at one point, LeFou was supposed to turn into a snowman.

That would’ve been an ah-mazing easter egg for fans of Frozen who know that Josh Gad, aka LeFou, is also aka Olaf the snowman.

When asked about whether or not there were easter eggs to look out for, Josh Gad was quick to tell People us what we were missing.

It’s funny to think as an actor in a movie, you don’t actually know what’s going to make it to the big screen in the final cut, since you don’t really have much of a say. Always the funny guy, Josh Gad was quick to poke fun at that, too.

Here’s to whatever Disney movie Josh Gad ends up in next.