Rachel Paige
December 22, 2017 8:19 am

Know what the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, was really missing? A rave. In an alternate timeline, there’s a scene in Last Jedi that actually involves a rave — and it might end up being a deleted scene we eventually see because it really happened, and it was really filmed. This is not a joke, whatsoever. The Last Jedi cut a scene that showed the — wait for it — Fish Nuns throwing a rave on Ahch-To. And R2-D2 was invited!

Cutting a Fish Nuns rave scene kinda makes the Rogue One reshoots sound tame, huh?

Scenes from movies end up on the cutting room floor all the time, and Last Jedi is no exception. According to Last Jedi lore, the first cut of the movie was running three hours (the film currently sits at two and a half hours long) and one of the scenes that didn’t make the final cut involves the Fish Nuns throwing a party. But, it wasn’t just any party. It had glowsticks! The Fish Nuns — or, ahem, “caretakers” — know how to P-A-R-T-Y.

According to Slash Film, the rave scene was cut because it made Luke Skywalker look like a total jerk. The party scene was part of a longer section of the film in which Rey happens to notice that there’s a fire burning on the far side of the island. She asks Luke what is going on, and Luke explains that a group of “bandits…regularly come back to the island to plunder and kill the [fish nuns].” Rey can’t handle the thought of that (even though the Fish Nuns hate her), so she decides to go and help them out. Luke warns her not to, because her act of saving them now won’t balance out any situation. The bandits will just come back again, and come back even more pissed off next time.

Rey ignores this, and runs really fast over to the other side of the island to save the Fish Nuns, only to discover…

Turns out, Luke was testing her with this story, and trying to teach her a lesson about when to intervene in a situation. However, it completely backfired on him, and Rey is NOT happy. This only adds fuel to her own fire to get off the island and leave Luke behind, which she eventually does.

While the scene sure sounds great, and by great I mean crazy, it painted Luke as too much of an a-hole for worrying Rey, so it was scrapped. Cross your fingers it’s one of the deleted scenes included in the home release of Last Jedi. And would it be weird if the theme of my next birthday party was “Fish Nun Rave”?