Priscilla Blossom
Updated Jan 19, 2017 @ 1:28 pm

Some might say that Americans are superhero crazed, violence-obsessed movie goers, but last night, they would have been wrong. That’s because Finding Dory won the People’s Choice Awards Favorite Movie category.

Wait, say what? A little louder for the folks in back. Finding Dory, the movie about the adorable fish with a bad memory, WON for favorite film of the year! And you know what? It’s actually not as surprising as you might think.

Not only was the movie just utterly adorable from start to finish, but it starred (well, voice-over starred) Ellen Degeneres, who is basically a national treasure at this point. AND, if we do a little process of elimination, Dory was the obvious choice. Let us proceed:

If you were to eliminate one movie off the nominee list, Captain America: Civil War would probably be the first to go. See, to watch this movie, you’ll likely have wanted to have seen all the other Captain America and Avengers movies. So that automatically means less folks are gonna check it out.

Then there was Suicide Squad, whose ratings didn’t exactly say a whole lot. And while there were some diehard fans (especially ones with lots of love for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn), it was obvious this one wouldn’t be winning the biggest award of the night either.

Deadpool? Sure, it was hilarious and definitely hit that action itch we often crave. But because of its very-adult nature, it alienated a lot of potential fans. So, nope, that one wouldn’t win, either.

This left us with Zootopia and Finding Dory. Zootopia was admittedly an excellent film, animated or otherwise. It touched on lots of important topics, but it was a stand alone movie. Meanwhile, Dory was riding the tails of its equally successful predecessor, Finding Nemo. Who doesn’t love these endearing (but oftentimes also hilarious) family-friendly fish films? (Answer: No one with a heart!)

Also, all rationalizations aside, Finding Dory was just an adorable, heartwarming, and utterly charming movie, so we just can’t be mad about any and all awards that swim it’s way (ha…see what we did there?).