Emily Baines
August 28, 2016 1:31 pm
Marvel UK/YouTube

Guys! Guys! I know we were all wondering it, but the good people at Marvel have let us in on a little secret. While Captain America and Iron Man were basically drawing lines in the sand between former friends-turned-enemies in the latest movie of the franchise, there was one conspicuous, hammer-wielding Avenger missing.

Lots of people noticed his absence and now we have finally learned what was he up to when his teammates were fighting one another in Captain America: Civil War!

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi took a break from filming to shoot this hilarious mockumentary where Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has a dorky roommate, Darryl, who helps him type peacemaking emails to Captain America and Iron Man.

The video is so hilarious, some people are claiming it’s Marvel’s best movie in years.

Even the title, “While You Were Fighting” has us seriously LOLing.

We knew Chris Hemsworth had a great sense of humor, but when paired with the funny sensibilities of Taika Waititi, they make comedic gold. Now throw in the always-game for a laugh Tom Hiddleston, and who knows what will happen.

We are now more excited than ever to see Thor: Ragnarok!