Kenya Foy
September 19, 2016 12:14 pm
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Throughout his two terms in the Oval Office, President Obama has given us plenty of reasons to believe that he’s always been a pretty hip guy. Now that Netflix has purchased a movie about Obama’s college days, we’re eager to see precisely how the POTUS navigated life back before he met the first lady and started singing slow jams with Jimmy Fallon.

Variety reports that the streaming service purchased the rights to Barry a week after its Toronto International Film Festival debut. If you’re expecting a stuffy retelling of his political roots, this review by Owen Glieberman paints quite the opposite picture:

Oh, snap. Who else expects this movie to be lit AF?

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Odds are that whatever exploits revealed in Barry are going to embarrass the hell out of Sasha and Malia but please accept our sympathy and apologies in advance, first children. We absolutely need to see what went down during Obama’s — excuse us — Barry’s college days. We’re pretty sure the president’s hype birthday parties didn’t just begin in The White House — we’re just sayin’.

All jokes aside, Barry is about a future president, so it addresses more serious issues like racial identity, politics and love, which just goes to show that some experiences in college in are universal, even if  you’re a seemingly ordinary guy who’s on the brink of becoming the leader of the free world.