Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 06, 2017 @ 10:18 am
Credit: Universal Pictures

There’s a pretty obvious overarching theme within the Fifty Shades franchise, and that is…well, sex. And the new movie is set to be even MORE steamy than the last.

But apparently,the Fifty Shades Darker cast aren’t supposed to be overtly sexual in interviews.

Wait, what? Yup. According to Christian Grey’s on-screen mom, Marcia Gay Harden, Universal wants the actors to discuss the romantic storyline first and foremost. Harden said she even got herself in a little hot water with playful tweets in advance of the movie premiere. “I used to send out some naughty little tweets, along the lines of this ‘sweater clasp’ and I was told by Universal that I couldn’t do it any more, “ Harden told The Sun. “But I’ll tell you one anyway.” OKAY, we’re all ears!

Naturally, this got a lot of response from fans. “And all the fans would write back, ‘No that wasn’t for you Mama Grey, oh no.’” Thus, Universal shut this down. “It is a love story after all — I don’t think they want us being too overtly sexual in interviews,” Harden said.

Sooooooo…no passionate discussions involving this kind of thing?

via giphyOr…this?

via giphyThat’s okay, we can deal with this stipulation. After all, it’s probably better that some things remain clouded in mystery…because it will make watching the actual movie all the better.

And P.S. — the movie comes out in FOUR DAYS! Let’s just lose ourselves in that trailer one last time…