Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Felicity Jones was a big Star Wars fan growing up. That’s fitting, considering Jones stars in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We’re not saying one has to be a fan to play the role of Jyn Erso. But like, it definitely doesn’t hurt.

Naturally, Jones identifies with one of the Star Wars characters over another.

When it comes to Luke and Princess Leia, she’s a total Luke Skywalker. And we get it.

In an interview with W Magazine, Jones explained how Star Wars first entered her life. (Additionally, it’s probably similar to the way the movie franchise entered most of our lives as kids.)

We totally understand that feeling of wanting to watch anything and everything on TV/VHS.

Yep, we get it.

Furthermore, as far as whether or not she ever had a Princess Leia hair moment

“So you were Luke,” said the interviewer.

That’s right. Jyn Erso wasn’t a Princess Leia. She was a Luke.