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We love a good reunion. The cast of the 2004 comedy Dodgeball reunited for a funny short, all in the name of charity. The charity group in question is called Omaze, and they’re around to help better people’s lives by offering fun opportunities to those who donate to a variety of different charities. In general, just giving $10 for a chance to hang with a celebrity will help ease a notable charity from having to fundraise.

Ben Stiller definitely figured that a reunion video would help get the word out for his charity of choice.

Working with co-star Vince Vaughn, he’s offering a chance for fans to pledge money in hopes of winning a real dodgeball game with Stiller himself.

Of course, it’s also great to see Justin Long and Christine Taylor join in as well.

Those who donate can choose which team they want to play on — Globo Gym or the Average Joe’s. In order to choose, they can go to two separate donation pages.

Proceeds will go to the Stiller Foundation, which started up in 2010. Stiller’s foundation benefits children in Haiti by providing educational opportunities — such as, building more schools. Donating can also help you win other prizes, such as sweatbands, gym tees, and a DVD of Dodgeball signed by the cast.

As far as reunions go, this one was truly monumental.