Briana Hansen
June 16, 2016 11:52 am

Just because the live-action Beauty and the Beast won’t be in theaters until March of 2017 doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t already be celebrating the movie’s release like every moment. Ever since the release of the movie’s absolutely perfect tailer, fans everywhere have been celebrating every little glimpse we can get into this iconic world.

Aside from the trailer, we haven’t yet seen much, so fans have been clamoring on whatever we can get a hold of. Last April, Josh Gad did tweet a picture of the whole cast together in an adorable, fun-filled selfie.

But now, an artist and fan @Bellabestiason took that picture to the next level by recreating it as their animated character counterparts. And it’s…amazing.

Every facial expression was flawlessly recreated so it looks like the characters from the 1991 film time-traveled into the future, grabbed a phone, and recreated the same selfie. Even the stars themselves were impressed with this idea and the talent it took to create it. Both Josh Gad and Luke Evans have shared the picture (with the corresponding real-life one next to it) on their Insta pages.

It’s clear we’re not the only ones waiting on bated breath for this latest Disney classic to be brought to real-life. With how well Disney has been able to repurpose and recreate so many of their classic animated movies lately, there’s no doubt this will also be a total delight. Plus, with a cast as jam-packed with talent as this one, it’s sure to become one of our favorites quickly. And like Belle reads her favorites over and over again, we’ll likely be watching this movie nonstop.

Buena Vista Pictures & Disney/Giphy