Credit: 20th Century Fox

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, Anastasia is one of our favorite animated movies from the ’90s. It follows the story of the sassy and feisty Anya as she searches for a place where she feels like she belongs — and surprise, turns out she’s actually a PRINCESS. How is this not the DREAM?

The only thing better than the movie are the songs in it, that can (and will) get stuck in your head for days — and that’s not a bad thing! It’s actually a great thing. So, you might want to go ahead and start preparing yourself for a lot more Princess Anya tunes: Anastasia is making the giant leap from animation to BROADWAY.

The show will hit the Great White Way early next spring (April 24th, 2017, to be exact) but to hold you over until then, we’ve got an exclusive sneak-peek at what you’re going to see up on the stage. Even though it’s only a quick 30 seconds long, prepare to be completely blown away. The beautiful voice you hear is Christy Altomare, who will be playing Anya, and we’ve already got CHILLS.

The full description of the new musical reads:

If you’re like, “Yes, I need to buy every ticket for every show of this musical right now,” you’re in luck: Tickets actually go on sale October 7th, so mark that down in your calendar.

You can follow along with Anya’s journey (from the past) to Broadway yourself on the show’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page. See you in St. Petersburg!