Emily Baines
July 09, 2016 7:11 am
Buena Vista Pictures/Disney/Pixar

There’s nothing quite like a Pixar movie to put a smile on your face. Even if you’re sobbing hysterically, by the end you can’t help but feel pretty darn fantastic. Well, now for those of us who are faint of heart and unable to handle the anxieties of the actual films (Do they find Nemo? Will Boo be reunited with Sulley? What happens to Sheriff Woody and the gang?) there’s a fast and easy solution to our angst. Vimeo user Sean has uploaded a video of every single Pixar movie’s closing shot, and it’s amazing:

We can’t help but feel our heartstrings pull tight as we watch some of our favorite scenes: Riley no longer afraid to play ice hockey, the bustling restaurant La Ratatouille, the inhabitants of the Axiom rebuilding life on Earth…Personally, it’s a little bit nice to just see the happy endings rather than all the emotional turmoil that leads up to it. Except now we’re thinking about all that turmoil and starting to realize we don’t want to watch just the endings all over again, we want to watch the films the whole way through! Sure sounds like a binge-worthy weekend to us, plus a trip to the theaters for one more go-round with Finding Dory, too.