Rachel Paige
Updated Dec 15, 2017 @ 12:14 pm
Credit: Lucasfilm

Throw on an all-black ensemble, turn up the metal rock music, and maybe darken your eyeliner a little bit, because it’s time to revisit Emo Kylo Ren. The *clear* breakout star from The Force Awakens is back for The Last Jedi, and he might be even MORE emo this time around — you know, because he still hasn’t lived up to his grandfather, Darth Vader and he’s cranky about it.

Poor guy. Maybe he had like some super tragic event happen in his early years that sent him down a dark path toward the Hot Topic on Coruscant?

If you’ve seen The Last Jedi, you know that the Kylo we love to hate is still the same Kylo, but this time he doesn’t wear his helmet most of the time. Also, he has BEEFED UP. Kylo has been hitting the gym on the First Order ship, and he’s taken to his diary to tell us all about it. While Emo Kylo Ren never really stopped tweeting following Force Awakens, he’s back to tweet about the new movie, and honestly, we deserve this. We deserve nice things, like Emo Kylo Ren writing in his First Order diary.

It’s clear Benny caught an early Thursday show of Last Jedi, and he has some thoughts to share:

While the account, which is run by Washington Post writer Alexandra Petri, has only tweeted twice so far, they are both QUALITY tweets. Things have changed, and also do you have a ticket to the gun show? Because Kylo Ren now has a lightsaber, AND GUNS.

Hopefully these are just the first two of a long string of angry musings about The Last Jedi. Can’t wait until he gets around to whining about how Rey is still so much stronger than him.