Lindsey Sirera
March 17, 2017 11:41 am

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: Beauty and the Beast is now playing in theaters! The live-action Disney classic is expected to crush the box office this weekend, and may even vie for a coveted spot as one of Disney’s top-grossing movies all time. And Emma Watson is about to have a stellar payday.

So what exactly will Emma rake in from the film(Drumroll, please… ) Reportedly, a whopping $3 million up front, followed by an additional $12 million if the movie lives up to its box office potential, for a (potential) total of $15 million. That’s basically enough dough to buy a princess castle of her own!

To put it in perspective, the film has some pretty ambitious financial goals (not that we’re surprised or anything). This weekend, Beauty and the Beast is predicted to take home a hefty $120 million in opening-weekend sales. But at the end of the day (and considering just how much hype the flick’s already gotten), the experts anticipate the film’s gross profits will be somewhere near Maleficent‘s $759 million worldwide gross. Whew!

With each Disney live-action flick pretty much hitting it on the mark as cash cows every time (Cinderella‘s $544 million, The Jungle Book‘s $967 million), we’re ~not~ worried about Beauty and the Beast living up to expectations in the slightest.

With Emma’s gross earnings for the eight Harry Potter installments topping $60 million, you might think her involvement in the project would demand a heftier payday. However, Angelina Jolie (an Oscar-winner with more experience under her belt) reportedly brought in $20 million for her part in Maleficent, so in the grand scheme of things the salaries aren’t too dissimilar.

All in all, we’d say Emma can rest easy about collecting her remaining $12 million, considering Beauty and the Beast came roaring in with $16.3 million on opening night alone!