Gina Florio
Updated Feb 20, 2017 @ 1:02 pm
Credit: Disney

The world has become a much better place ever since the official trailer for Beauty and the Beast was released. Emma Watson is positively a dream (not that we expected any less), the costume design looks spectacular, and Ariana Grande and John Legend’s duet has us in tears. We still have quite some time before the movie hits theaters, though (March 17), so we’re thrilled that a special clip from Beauty and the Beast has just been released.

This minute-long clip teases us with an excerpt of the opening song “Belle.” You may remember this as the beginning song that introduces us to the beautiful Belle, her everyday life, and her love of books. In case anyone doubted her before, Emma Watson proves that she’s got the vocals needed to be the real-life Belle we’ve always dreamed of. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself:

Emma Watson was born to be Belle. She looks completely at ease prancing around her hometown, petting the animals, buying a loaf of bread, and singing her heart out. Her hair is swept back and that classic blue dress we’ve all come to love fits her perfectly. The set design is blowing us away, too.

People didn’t waste time to show their excitement about the new clip. It seems many, many tears are being shed.

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We feel you. *grabs tissue box*

If we’re being perfectly honest, the sheer anticipation for Beauty and the Beast is making it hard for us to function or be productive in every way. If that at all sounds familiar, all we can recommend is you keep yourself fed with the trailer and the few clips and samples that have been released, because March 17 cannot come soon enough.