Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 10, 2017 @ 12:18 pm
Beauty and the Beast
Credit: Disney

Bonjour, and good day, and would the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast just hurry up and get here already? Each brand new teaser (…not so much the Belle doll) just makes us more and more excited for this movie, and this magical land we’re about to step into. Emma Watson as Belle is the Disney Princess DREAM, and Emma Watson as a singing Disney Princess Belle? This just might be too much for our hearts to take.

The latest trailer offers up a few more scenes from the actual movie, but the big draw is the SINGING. Belle wants adventure in the great, wide somewhere, and OMG SOMEONE GIVE IT TO HER ASAP.

Raise your hand if you just got goosebumps watching that ✋. Raise your hand if you watched it multiple times, and still got goosebumps each time ✋.

That’s not the only Beauty and the Beast goodness for today. The princess herself, Emma, has also shared the brand new poster for the movie, and it is très magnifique.

It’s a lot of stuff we’ve already seen before, but oh, what’s that? Is that human Lumière, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts?? IT SURE IS.

Credit: Disney

Everything just makes us so, so excited for this movie and why isn’t it March 17th yet? We want this movie more than we can bear.