Scarlet Meyer
February 19, 2017 9:39 am

We’re always excited for more Emma Watson news! The Beauty and the Beast star won our hearts as Hermione Granger, and has kept impressing us since. So great news for us: Emma Watson just announced she’s making a new Instagram account. Not for herself, but for her fans.

Its entire purpose is to keep us posted on Beauty and the Beast updates.

Watson announced the new account with this post on her personal Instagram account:

The caption reads:

While there is just one picture on the new account (she only announced it an hour ago), she already has 65.9 k followers.

Even better, the post is a beautiful picture of her rocking a sustainable and cruelty-free outfit.

Her post credits Stella McCartney, Swedish brand Fillipa K, and shoe brand Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather for her outfit. It’s so awesome that all her clothes in this outfit are recycled and cruelty-free. It’s also so cool that she’s using her fame to give attention to brands that are doing good work for the environment.

While it might seem kind of unusual for her to have two accounts, we totally get it.

It’s important for her to keep her own personal account for her own posts, and a work account for the press tour. Plus, more Emma Watson is always a good thing!

We think that it’s so cool that Emma has created this new account for her promotional work, and we seriously cannot wait to see what she posts next. Whatever it is, it will hopefully tide us over until March 17th, when Beauty and the Beast hits theaters.