Johnni Macke
Updated Mar 30, 2017 @ 2:52 pm

What’s better than Belle and the Beast? A mini Belle and mini Beast, duh! Recently, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens met a mini Belle and mini Beast, and it was the cutest thing ever.

We are still in awe over here about Watson and Stevens’ performances in Beauty and the Beast, but this interview might be even better.

Okay, the new live-action film was flawless, but talking to little kids dressed as the iconic characters is pretty darn adorable.

We know you can see a child dressed as Belle or the Beast every Halloween. But, seeing two kids meet the actors who they are dressed up as is too precious.

From the moment that the mini Beast (Ted) and mini Belle (Olivia) walked into the room, both Watson and Stevens were in awe.

Credit: YouTube

To make things even cuter, the two kids had British accents (it was a Disney UK interview) and were in full costume.

“You look wonderful,” Stevens said after the two kids sat down. “Now where did you get those [costumes]?”

“I don’t know. They just gave them to me!” mini Belle (aka Olivia) said.

PS: she brought Watson a red rose because this is the sweetest interview ever.

Eventually, the two kids asked the Beauty and the Beast stars a slew of questions. The first one was for the Harry Potter actress.

“What was is like playing Belle?” Olivia asked.

The Downton Abbey alum piped in about costumes and dresses noting that the child Belle rocked boots with her gown.

“That’s very your Belle,” Stevens told Watson about Olivia’s style. “It’s a mixture of your beautiful dress, but with very cool, practical boots. That’s very on-point,” he added.

The two chatted with their mini-mes about costumes, singing, and which character they’d play — if they didn’t play their real roles.

Surprising they both chose one another’s roles, which we love.

Check out the whole interview above and prepare to giggle along with the actors.