Credit: Zanuck Independent

In case you thought Emilia Clarke — aka the Mother of Dragons — was a one-trick pony, we’re here to tell you she’s NOT.

Emilia Clarke’s newest film, Voice from the Stone, dropped yesterday. And from the looks of the trailer she posted on Instagram, her performance in the thriller slays.

In the gothic horror film, Emilia plays a nurse who arrives at a spooky old castle to care for a young, troubled prince, Jakob.

But as the story continues, the boy’s muteness seems beyond his control. It appears to come from the house itself.

Based on a novel by Italian author Silvio Raffo, the mystery is intended to chill. As the narrator in the trailer says of Jakob,

What terrible things, exactly? It seems we’ll have to go see it to find out.

The trailer also contains a montage of beautiful images of Emilia looking FREAKED THE F*** OUT. The last one ends with her appearing to be sealed inside one of the stone walls, a mason visible working in the background. She quietly murmurs, “Help me.”


It also doesn’t hurt that the film was largely shot in Italy, so the scenery is gorgeous (as well as completely haunting, of course).

Emilia seems to be super excited about her new horror film, saying:

You can bet we’ll be heading to theaters to get our pants scared off soon!

We are so ready to be spooked!! You can catch the movie at select theaters, but it’s also available on OnDemand and as a digital download RIGHT NOW. Go get it!!