There are a lot of happy kids in Florida this Halloween season, and not just because they don’t have to deal with the dropping temperatures. When Disney realized that they were running out of space in their warehouse, they panicked. The company needed to make some room for new shipments. That meant that all their Frozen-inspired costumes, their Elsas and Annas and Olaf’s, needed new homes. Rather than throwing perfectly good costumes away, Disney donated the backstock to school children in central Florida.

Rather than just handing them over, the costumes are being used as rewards for good behavior and impressive work. Schools also plan to use them in parades and movie nights. The exact number of costumes is unclear, but 18 pallets (containing about 8,600 costumes) were delivered to Polk county, 21 to Lake County, and a whopping 47 to Osceola County.

Disney’s manager of corporate citizenship, Betty Martinez Lowery, told the Orlando Sentinel about the company’s decision:

If all the students decide to go as Frozen characters for Halloween, not only will they each save $64.95 (the original price of the costumes), they’ll also create the most epic Halloween night of all time. Central Florida would turn into Arendelle, and I don’t know about you, but that sounds worthy of some extra candy.