Rachel Paige
May 02, 2016 2:54 pm

Turns out, big, strong Captain America is actually scared of a dude dressed up as Iron Man. But then again, you’d be pretty scared, too, if the Iron Man in question jumped out when you least expected it.

Stopping by The Ellen DeGeneres Show with his Captain America: Civil War costar, Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Evans got a little taste of his own scaring medicine. See, before the show, Evans had decided he needed to prank Olsen, so he hid in her dressing room bathroom (as you do) and scared the living bejesus out of her. Like this:


In a form of sweet, sweet revenge, later on during their segment, that’s when a giant Iron Man jumped out of Ellen’s side table, and completely freaked Evans out. Like, he should have known it was coming. Ellen perfectly lured him into a false sense of security — by talking about Evan’s new adorable dog — only to scare the stars and stripes completely off the First Avenger.


It’s a moment you’re going to watch to watch again and again. Evans certainly does, after he finishes laughing about the incident in the first place. Check out the full clip below (complete with an actual picture of Evans’ dog), and the scaring goes down at the 2:18 mark.