Toria Sheffield
September 29, 2017 7:47 am

Ellen Page has quickly become one of the strongest celebrity voices in the fight for equality among the LGBTQ+ community. Since coming out in 2014, she’s starred in the Vice show Gaycation as well as lent her public platform to a wide array of important orgs and efforts. And now, Page admitted there was a homophobic part of Juno — the indie movie that launched her career — that she definitely regrets.

The line in question? When Juno says the name Madison “sounds a little gay” for her baby.

And while the line might seem minor or even insignificant, words matter, and send strong cues about what is and isn’t okay in our culture. And Page 100% owns up to it.

She also discussed the issue of whether Hollywood is genuinely changing in terms of representation, She said, “There’s always that conversation that it’s changing, but sometimes I’m like ‘is it?’ I think Hollywood can love to think of itself as the most progressive force, but…it’s not always that way. I think the holdup is fear and people don’t want to take risks. They want to make money. And there’s a lack of people [of color] hired in every single aspect of the film industry. It really hurts the industry and it really hurts film. We need more stories. We need more representation. We need more points of view.”


We’re sending major kudos to Page for not only taking ownership of a past regret, but also for not being afraid to take her industry to task when it comes to diversity and representation. We’re sure it would be both easier and safer to say nothing at all, so we have the utmost respect for her decision to speak up.

Now, let’s hope Hollywood takes notice.