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If you loved the Funny or Die Ellen Page/Kate Mara collaboration Tiny Detectives , then we have some majorly good news for you. According to Variety, the actresses will be playing star-crossed lovers of sorts in the high-stakes emotional drama Mercy.

According to Variety, Page will be playing Lucy, a woman whose father is on death row and who falls in love with Mercy (Kate Mara), who is, “a woman on the opposing side of her family’s political cause.”

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It’s not too surprising that Page has chosen to invest her time in this particular project. Last year at the Zurich film festival, Page specifically said that her goal is to choose projects that portray more onscreen diversity for women — especially as it pertains to female sexuality. ““I’m focusing mostly on stories that are meaningful to me and stories for women and supporting more gay characters,” she said.

Just last year Page starred in the film Freeheld with Juliane Moore, which told the real-life story of a terminally-ill New Jersey woman who had to fight the system to ensure that her pension would be given to her same-sex partner upon her death. It was a completely devastating, yet totally inspiring must-see.

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Mercy will be directed by Israeli filmmaker Tali Shalom Ezer, who received high praise at Sundance last year for his film Princess, and who has proven super adept at telling highly emotional stories.

We’re incredibly excited for this film and are so thrilled to see these ladies choosing to take roles that challenge Hollywood conventions. Please keep it up, guys!

Oh, and if you missed Tiny Detectives, you’re welcome: