Credit: JOHN MACDOUGALL/Getty Images

Earlier this year, Channing Tatum announced that he was brining Magic Mike to Vegas, and we were like, “BRB, let’s look up flights to Vegas right now.” Magic Mike Live will be — what else? — a strip show on the strip (ha), but also so much more than that. Coming from Tatum, it will be unlike any other show you’ve ever seen in Vegas, with choreographed dancing and lots and lots of guys who look like they just stepped right out of the Magic Mike movie.

While the show won’t officially open until next year — March 2017, to be exact — Tatum brought a little sneak-peek as to what we’re going to see when the guys actually hit the stage. And what better place to reveal Magic Mike Live than on The Ellen DeGeneres Show??

In what starts off as a solo show quickly turns into an audience-wise dance party for everyone on Ellen’s stage. Everyone is super into it, but Ellen isn’t so sure herself.

Credit: EllenTube

Ellen’s 86-year-old mom, Betty, is pretty excited though.

Credit: EllenTube

You can be your own judge for the show, and determine if you want to book your trip to Vegas sooner rather than later. Check out the whole video below — which is like, 95% SFW, but still maybe wait till you’re home to check it out.