Eddie Redmayne
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Eddie Redmayne has really been on fire lately. Hot off the heels of winning an Oscar for his pivotal performance in The Theory of Everything, Eddie has been doing amazing project after amazing project, including the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them GAH, so excited to see him play Newt Scamander! We haven’t really gone a day without seeing Eddie’s lovely face lately, and TBH, that is moooore than okay with us. Because if there’s one thing we should all be grateful for it’s adorable English actors like Eddie Redmayne.

“Hello, I’m Eddie Redmayne and I love you too!”

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But, hold on. It turns out Eddie has not one, not two, but THREE brothers (okay, two brothers and one half brother, but it’s all the same to us!). And, YES, they are all as adorable as Eddie is and…MAYBE EVEN MORE?!

Let’s take a look first at Eddie’s younger brother, Tom.

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First of all, can we acknowledge that he is the spitting image of his thespian bro? But we’re digging that tall-dark-and-handsome vibe he has, too.

I mean…

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Yup, we like. Although he looks like a movie star in these photos, Tom is actually the Director of Business Development UK for a company called Wired Score. So, he’s like the ~fancy businessman~ of the fam.

Next up is Eddie’s big bro Charlie.

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Sure, Charlie looks more like a ~serious businessman~ than Eddie and Tom, but he still has a very lovely look about him, too. Also? Super Bonus: he’s the CEO of Harper Collins UK. And, GET THIS, Charlie was instrumental in helping launch J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore, so… MISCHIEF MANAGED.

And finally, we have Eddie’s half brother James.

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James is the most elusive of the Redmayne boys, although he clearly looks to be having a great time here with Eddie.

But from the looks of this image alone he’s a bit of a jokester.

We see you “recreating” Eddie’s Burberry ad in the background, James! LOLs.

These are truly some Fanastic Brothers…

We can’t wait to see Eddie as Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as all and any future photo ops with his lovely brothers, too. Accio Redmaynes!