Rachel Sanoff
August 10, 2016 12:44 pm
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Do you remember the Olsen sister cinematic gem, New York Minute?

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The film stars Ashley Olsen as Jane Ryan, the straight-laced, academic sibling, and Mary-Kate Olsen as Roxy Ryan, the edgy ~punk rock~ sister. Look, Roxy wears funky hats to prove it!

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In the 2004 movie, Jane just wants to give a speech in hopes of winning a scholarship, but that crazy Roxy apparently has to head to NYC to find her favorite rock band. SISTERS.

The ~classic odd couple~ ends up going with Roxy’s plan, and they are chased by a wacky truant officer (Eugene Levy!!!!) throughout their adventure.

Now, are you also familiar with Dr. Drew Pinsky?

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Dr. Drew is the premier reality show addiction medicine specialist, via Celebrity Rehab, and host of the widely loved and often risque advice radio show, Loveline.


Why did I completely blank on Dr. Drew’s stint as Mary-Kate and Ashley’s co-star in New York Minute?

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Dr. Drew portrayed their father who worked in the medical field (naturally), Dr. Ryan.

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Here they are looking familial at the film’s premiere.

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New York Minute was Dr. Drew’s first film role. What a debut!

Just in case you needed a reason to binge-watch a few Dualstar productions, or if you get a Mary-Kate and Ashley question during your next round of bar trivia, I figured I should remind you too…