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Leave it to moms to skip right over the feel-good fluff and give you practical words of wisdom, even during your most shining moments. Per Jezebel, Donald Glover’s mom gave him the most mom advice ever about the Atlanta star joining the Han Solo movie as Lando Carlrissian. Just in case Glover was feelin’ his space movie success a little tew much at the moment, his mom swooped right in to bring him back down to our galaxy in the most hilarious way.

During his first appearance on Ellen, Glover described the way he and his parents reacted to his huge role in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Ha! Somehow we imagine those practical words of mom wisdom were delivered with stern look and a finger wag for added emphasis.

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Glover’s fans will agree that he is amazingly talented performer who deserves all of the success coming his way, so we’ll spare him the mom treatment and simply offer him a huge congratulations on his current and future successes.