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In the exciting anticipation of the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, Benedict Cumberbatch has been yielding a lot of questions about the mysterious doctor. Of course, since Dr. Stephen Strange is a part of the Marvel Universe, it only seems fitting that he be asked about the famous divide between some of the Avengers. During an interview with Yahoo Movies, Cumberbatch answered which Avengers’ side he thought Doctor Strange would have taken in Captain America: Civil War.

Basically he’s a little too busy right now with some multi-dimensional shenanigans to think about it.

Cumberbatch clarified that his answer was more positive than passive.

The film’s director, Scott Derrickson, agreed with Cumberbatch that character, who tends do to his own thing, would likely not pick a clear side. Because he’s being introduced after the rift takes place, it’s a somewhat null point. But the public registration of superheroes will be an ongoing issue in the Marvel Universe for some time, so it could eventually come up for him.

Until then, however, Doctor Strange will be busy protecting our world from multi-dimensional evils that only he can stop.

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So, you know, his schedule will be pretty full for a while.

We cannot wait to see Cumberbatch in action on November 4 when Doctor Strange premieres.