The director of “District 9” is back with a brand new short film you can watch *right now*

Love District 9? Or maybe Chappie? Or just a fan of sci-fi and alien films? Then you’ll want to pay attention to this. The sci-fi film director who shocked you with these two instant-classic movies is back with another stunning film. Neill Blomkamp just released a new short film called Rakka and we have great news: You can stream it online right now!

Sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp recently announced a project called Oats Studios — a movie studio where the films will be available for free online with the option to purchase a copy that comes with additional features, like the score or even raw footage from the project. Plus, there are four new shorts directed by Neill and starring some familiar names coming out over the next month.

If you’re excited just hearing about this, good news, because the first project from the studio is here! It’s called Rakka and it takes place in 2020 after an alien invasion. Sigourney Weaver appears in the film as a resistance leader and what other information do you need to watch this right now?!


The film follows a few different perspectives, showing what life is like in this post-invasion world. If you remember how realistic District 9 felt, this film captures that same intensity and grit. You can watch the full film here and just enjoy this exciting new project.

Can’t wait to see what Neill Blomkamp comes up with next. Putting in our official request for another feature-length sci-fi film in the near future, please!